Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Extro-Inverted....Marginalizing Themselves

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert, is fresh off an *obscene* performance that got his next televised gig cancelled. From the NYPost:
"We had this great dance number totally staged. It's a sexy song about seduction and power and I was just doing the lyrics justice," he told Rolling Stone. "My intention was not to try and create a controversy. But if a controversy ensues, then so be it."

After the performance, a pleased Lambert hit the Twittersphere to say, "All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity."

It's all just the latest in Lambert's attempts at titillating audiences by pushing boundaries, something that the singer has been keen to do since coming out as gay after "American Idol" ended in the spring.

Lambert has yet to comment about the way his performance was edited, but he did tell the Los Angeles Times -- before the West Coast broadcast aired -- "If it's going to be edited, then, in a way, that's discrimination. I don't mean to get political, but Madonna, Britney [Spears] and Christina [Aguilera] weren't edited."

He went on to add, "It's a shame. Female entertainers have been risqué for years.

"Honestly, there's a huge double standard....It's 2009, it's time to take more risks. It's about entertainment. People want to be surprised. It's too bad that people are so scared."

Now you can read about and actually watch the performance on that link above (West Coast Tom!).

Obviously this Lambert guy is a little too much for mainstream, heterophile America. He started his public opinion descent on American Idol, going from merely a little flamboyant to in-your-face, loud, and unapologetic - and it cost him the contest to a much inferior Chris Allen.

It's hard to imagine any big sponsors ever getting *behind* Lambert given his persona now. It's one thing for a pop singer to be a full-blown deviant in the privacy of their own home, e.g. Michael Jackson,....

I don't really have anything else to say in this post - which was really just a ruse to introduce my neologism - *extro-inverted*.

Or should we call Adam *extra-extro-inverted*?

[There's always a notable Moron in these stories, check out his proud mother.]

UPDATE - Another cancellation for this knucklehead.


Taylor Conant said...

Would it have been anymore reasonable to have said, "I mean, come on, it's 1939, it's time for a little world war via fascism, get with the program" than it is to say "Come on, it's 2009, time to be gay"?

I don't get how stating what year it is provides justification for what you want to do. Don't you have to first demonstrate that what you're doing is "progressive" to use that year-citation trick?

CaptiousNut said...

Deviants have been revered in many decadent cultures throughout history.

It's 2009...

That also speaks to our *present-tense* mindset in the sense that Adam, as well as most everyone else these days, is innocent of history.


I must say I figured you'd be more non-judgmental on this one!

Taylor Conant said...

I always judge stupidity and false premises harshly.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the guy until this stunt (still haven't watched it) but in a few months it will blow over and he will be pushing Pepsi or Geico to us mindless wage slaves. No such thing as bad publicity. I thought only morons watched American Idol C-Nut?


CaptiousNut said...


I've always been a fan.

Though I pretty much only watch the first half of each season. That's the best part, IMO.