Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Help Me, Please

I know it's Thanksgiving week - and everyone is scrambling to do *something different* this year, but take a look at the most emailed stories from the Boston Globe today:

Holiday recipes....

Amazingly, time and again you see this list topped by FOOD recipes.

What does that tell you?

It tells me that the public really craves PRACTICAL INFORMATION.

I mean, how the bleep is a story in *Mid-East violence* or *global warming prognostications* going to possibly improve one's life? On the contrary, that nonsense might even ruin your day!

Out of the millions of websites and media outlets, I'll bet no more than a handful could be deemed seriously helpful or educational. If there's one latent goal for this blog - other than my own self-amusement - it's to be a destination where brains get can occasionally get tickled.

When the obit is finally written, it'll surely mention that people apparently only bought newspapers for the comics, the crossword, the coupons, the want ads, and their laxative quality. In other words, those aspects of the black and white agitprop....really did, for decades, improve people's days!

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