Monday, November 23, 2009

Man Versus Mice

I don't know why that ratty mouse above died. All I did was leave it in my trash barrel outside for two days. It was on an infestation *timeout*; I wanted it to think long and hard about its unwelcome intrusion into my bedroom. (Meanwhile, my son was asking if he could keep it as a pet!)

Why did it die? It wasn't cold out at all. And it clearly had plenty of food.

Click the image to enlarge and you might be able to discern how it totally consumed one of its partners in crime!

So I guess mice, as opposed to *men*, are not just small - they're pretty wimpy as well.

Pest guy came today and took away his metal traps. He told me that my kills, for mice, were "pretty wonder they were making so much noise."

I've bought some of that *green poison* and started spreading it around. Since there is no cure for mice, I'm going to close up those holes in my ceiling and just bear the nighttime squeaking. (At least now I know it's not squirrels which could be chewing my wires and burning my house down.)

For someone familiar with sheetrock, this would take probably all of 5 minutes. But for me, who's unfluent in this subject, it's going to take a whole lot longer.

Hopefully in the meantime no rodents will fall out into our bedroom.

For background see - Daily Rodent Infestation Update.

And for an off-site, hilarious rat post - click here. It might just make you think twice about ordering that egg roll ever again.


Anonymous said...

type patching drywall on youtube you will find several how to clips

CaptiousNut said...

Great! Thanks!

Text googling didn't help the first time around.