Sunday, November 22, 2009

C-Nut Ventures Back To The Future

I feel like I've just been time-warped to the future; though I've probably only arrived at the recent past.

All thanks to the successful initialization of that iPod Touch thingy!

Now it did take me a week - see last Sunday's post - and a couple of headaches but it's working now.

First, I couldn't get iTunes to load on either my old PC or my newish Sony laptop. Eventually it came through on the latter, albeit after 2 hours of agony. (Even though I have little interest in putting music on it, the iTouch won't configure without iTunes and a PC. I think.)

Then, I had problems with it retrieving email. I scoured help and discussion forums all over the web to no avail. What eventually worked, was me turning off my router's wireless security. So I still haven't tried it on the *outside*, but let me just say that so far it has been a boon even within these walls.

Basically, the iTouch is going to give me a big, much-needed efficiency boost.

For example, yesterday while my wife commandeered my PC, I laid on the bed and was able to not only rest my back and share the computer, I was able to reduce my email inbox by 65 messages or so!

I got all geeked up and my wife mocked me,

Yes, in 2009 it is possible to get EMAIL on a handheld...

I don't get much computer time during the weekdays on account of my kids, but most of the time when I do run over, I've recently realized that it was just to check my email - to see blog comments coming in, to see what my wife wants for dinner, to see what train she's coming home on, etc.

But now I no longer have to drop what I'm doing, or kick a kid off the computer, to find out!

In fact, yesterday I put the iTouch on my nightstand and checked my email a couple of times in the middle of the night. Remember, I'm essentially an 'old coot' with my sleep habits - sleeping 4 hours or so, getting up all night long to go to the bathroom, investigate noises, empty rodent traps, etc.

I still have to check the WiFi connectivity of it at my local haunts: the playgrounds, libraries, community centers, the bar, etc. Hopefully, I'll get some reception.

Though now I'm thinking....if just the pedestrian iTouch can help me so much....then maybe I should just go get that Verizon Droid thingy with the complete data package?

We'll see how this goes first. I rather doubt that I could substantially blog more given a handheld Droid or Blackberry. When I'm writing, I use both monitors, am looking through big pic folders, have my notes with me, prefer solitude, and usually have about 10 browser tabs open at once. I really do try to think hard about what I write - even if the readership can't always tell.

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