Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vocab Lessons - "Aliterate"

I can't believe I never came across this great word before today!

And I'll bet it's probably more applicable in our society than *illiterate* - the inability to read.

For years now I have used the term *econo-illiterate* on this blog and elsewhere to describe those not fluent in the theory of economics.

Now, with today's new word in my arsenal, I can promulgate a new sub-population - the *econo-aliterates*.

These are the jerks who well understand the subtleties of free trade, regulation, etc....yet nonetheless say and do some real Moronic things.

The best econo-aliterate example I can think of at the moment?

It just has to be Harvard's own Greg Mankiw!

For my master Mankiw link - click here.

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