Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Book Review - John Paul The Great

Alright I didn't actually read the book, but I did listen to it in the car, narrated by the author herself.

The book was okay, I guess. I learned a little bit of recent Church history, a little bit about John Paul, and a whole lot about Noonan. So the book wasn't really a straight biography. Probably a good half of it consisted of Noonan rhapsodizing on her personal *born-again*(?) faith.

This was all fine and dandy - and much better for me and my brood than wasting away to the latest from Pink and Lady Gaga.

But still, since the book was only mediocre I could only really recommend it for certain people.

Let my record show that only the BOOK WAS MEDIOCRE - not its purported subject!

Pope John Paul II led quite the fascinating life. The guy had to secretly study for the priesthood in Nazi-occupied Poland for starters. Let that forever be a thought for those of us today who are prone to thinking that *getting stuck in traffic* or *poor restaurant wait service* might very well be the apex of human suffering.

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