Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Starstruck Morons

Our neighborhood is presently abuzz with rumors that Tom Brady and Gazelle whatever-her-name-is are moving here.

What cracks me up is that I've heard locals all geeked up - dudes AND broads - talking about how *we'd definitely see him at the park with his kid(s)*.

Ah.....I don't think so. Those types only do *playdates*, they don't slum with the lumpen masses at the playground. More than half of our snobby little town already doesn't mingle - and they're not even celebrities in their own minds. I'll believe *Tom at the playground* when I see it with my own eyes.

One rumor had them buying THE property down on the water - except that it was supposedly never for sale. Personally, I've found that detail to be particularly problematic in my own housing search.

But the rumor du jour is that they are buying one very secluded estate on the ocean, and that it must feature a helicopter pad for Gazelle.

It all seems a bit ridiculous to me - though, if he does move here, maybe I can get hired to tutor his kids? Supposedly his wife makes even more money than he does.


Paul Mitchell said...

Who is Tom Brady?

armybrat said...

a guy who left his pregnant girl friend for a woman who was willing to tolerate that kind of behavior.

CaptiousNut said...

No way this couple lasts.

I give them 5 years.