Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Birthdays = Exploitable Learning Opportunities

I've been ribbed a few times now, on this blog and in person, for referring to my son's age to two decimal places. And let the record show that today, Prince C-Nut turned 4.96 years old!

You see, in the past couple of months we've started fractions and decimals.

And I sincerely doubt there is a better way, a better example to convey the initially daunting subjects than a daily birthday countdown.

They're going to, sooner or later, constantly badger you with, "How many days until...?" anyway. So why not unburden yourself and teach them how to calculate it on their own?

No one teaches facilitates learning better than I do!

(At least with math)

And it's not that I couldn't, off the top of my head, compute my son's age so accurately. I admit, it's these exercises that've placed the numbers at the fore of my consciousness.

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