Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YouTube - Rodents' Rights Activist

Click the graphic to enlarge if needed.

Can y'all believe they took that video down and *warned* me?

YouTube basically has n@ked 13 year old girls on it, tushy massages, brutal fist fights galore,.... Heck it's got lions devouring antelope!

And they're going to pull a clip of me drowning a RAT!

I sure hope that was some automated, yet flawed process at YouTube; I really hope it wasn't some animal rights activist who 1) has a running query for similarly described clips and 2) has a direct line to YouTube and the ability to *flag* stuff it doesn't care for.

I had to go into my account and *acknowledge* the warning like I was back in 4th grade government school or something.

And I didn't see any way I could appeal the ruling either. I sure don't want to have my account cancelled.

Where exactly is the line?

If I swat a mosquito and post it, will I also get reprimanded as well?


Anonymous said...

whoah!!!! :)

Definitely your MIL flagging this. :)

I think someone from your blog audience reported/raised a flag on youtube.

Peter PETA said...

When can we expect to see your next video where you microwave the family cat?

Isn't that how this progresses?

Anonymous said...

Exterminating vermin is one thing. Microwaving cats is on a whole different level let's not lose sight of the big picture.

Next time use a syringe with acetone (an old trappers trick) and don't make a video.

CaptiousNut said...

We had to get rid of my cat because it was allergic TO my MIL.


When she came over the cat's eyes got all watery, couldn't breathe, etc.

(Me too!)

Anonymous said...

Shoulda skewered the bastard. For cats, get a crossbow and use a decent broadhead tip...otherwise, the bastards can be noisy when projectile contact is achieved. No need to alert the neighbors.

Especially if it is their cat getting "contacted".

kevin m said...

Next time don't title your clip drowning a rat ... since you live in MA title it “Honoring Teddy Kennedy “
Put some wheels on the trap, attach a GI Joe or some other male doll to the cage, put a rope around the doll's waist, a bottle of booze in the doll's hand, roll trap into water, wait a minute or so and pull rope so it appears as if the doll saves itself while filming rat thrashing about, then have a toy bulldozer pull the cage and dead rat out of the trash can.

A little work but sure to push a few buttons and will probably annoy a few of your fellow Bay Staters.

Anonymous said...

Why film it anyway? Did you do it for pleasure... what's the point? I understand why it was removed.

Vermin or not.

What trap was it on, btw? If I can give you any credit for this, it'd be that you killed it rather than let it agonise some more.