Sunday, November 29, 2009

Risks Of Marrying Down


Is it wrong to laugh your tail off at Tiger's *situation*?

The rumors on Friday were that he was confronted by his wife for an indiscretion, she scratched him up, he threw a fit, and went out and crashed his car.

Can you say "John Daly"?

Why is this funny?

Because Tiger, a man soon to be worth a billion smackeroos, went out like a total Moron and married a freakin' stereotype - a blonde, Swedish au pair/nanny!

An extraordinary guy like him has to either:

1) Not get hitched so soon.

2) Or make darn sure one doesn't choose unwisely.

The list of people throughout history who've safely navigated the marital waters of *extreme wealth* probably very short.

And man, does she look terrible above or what?


Anonymous said...

i was waiting for your post about tiger for the past few days LOL. I was expecting more.

I hear he is quite "michael jordanish" in his ways before getting married.

Another tidbit, he supposedly pursued(stalked) 6 mon(?) before even getting a chance to date elin.

Funny Circus Bears said...

You're confused as to which one of those two "married down.

CaptiousNut said...

I heard from a fraternity brother of Tiger that he *could not hold his liquor*.

But that was as a freshman.

Anonymous said...

You stay classy, Tiger Woods.