Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeding AND Medicating Frankenstein's Creation

(FYI, That's not *Frankenstein* pictured above; it's the unnamed monster of Dr. Frankenstein. I just learned this and narrowly saved myself from scholarly embarrassment.)

So I attended mass yesterday....and people actually shook my hand! Pig flu hysteria must be abating.

But something else there really got me fired up.

Perusing the weekly bulletin I was met with:

Dear Parishioners,

Tell Congress: Remove Abortion Funding & Mandates from Needed Health Care Reform:

[blah, blah, blah].....

NEEDED health care reform?

In other words, nationalized health care is fine so long as abortion is not explicitly covered.

Are you bleepin' kidding me?

Now I've already touched upon the monumental hypocrisy/immorality of the Church on this matter in - Big Stones, Big Government, and Big Church.

Robbing Peter to pay for Paul's healthcare (or anything for that matter) just doesn't quite jibe with the code of conduct Moses delivered from on high.

And here's the form letter from the bishops' website:

Please adopt the House-approved Stupak Amendment that upholds longstanding policies against abortion funding, and please protect conscience rights in health care reform. Health care must be made more affordable and accessible to those in need, and immigrants must not lose or be denied health care coverage.

Just pass a law to make it more *affordable* and *accessible*!

That's all they have to do!

Ignorance and naivete may not be explicitly proscribed by the Decalogue...but they are given the *rod* in the Old Testament - e.g. Proverbs 26:3.

And let's not forget those unmodified *immigrants*...

Why again does the Church have a policy on fence-jumpers???

Oh yeah, that right. The American Catholic Church is actually a *political* organization.

I know, in their stout incompetency, they think their advocacy COMPASSIONATE.

But there's nothing at all Christian about what they are effectively doing. They are merely feeding the most inhumane, voracious monster in Big Government. Once the morsels are swallowed....look out feeding-hand!

The abortion aspect of Obamacare, I suspect, is nothing more than a deliberate and ingenious deflection. It's got all the Morons focused on this one detail while the larger depravity of fully socialized healthcare creapeth onward.

After all, abortion is already OVER-SUBSIDIZED by Big Government - a reality not lost upon those really, really bad people out there. See - Morons Arguing With Morons.

It's going to take a miracle so we might as well pray - for the Church to regain an iota of self-consciousness.


DU said...

Thankfully, many of the Bishops are on target but the Conference (USCB) continues to be mismanaged by KennedyPelosiKerry-like Pseudo-Catholics.

Here is one Bishop with some common sense. There are many more but the media keeps them under wraps.

Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City, IA makes some good points.

"First and most important, the Church will not accept any legislation that mandates coverage, public or private, for abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem-cell research. We refuse to be made complicit in these evils, which frankly contradict what “health care” should mean."

“Second, the Catholic Church does not teach that “health care” as such, without distinction, is a natural right. The “natural right” of health care is the divine bounty of food, water, and air without which all of us quickly die."

“Third, in that category of prudential judgment, the Catholic Church does not teach that government should directly provide health care. Unlike a prudential concern like national defense, for which government monopolization is objectively good – it both limits violence overall and prevents the obvious abuses to which private armies are susceptible – health care should not be subject to federal monopolization."

“Fourth, preventative care is a moral obligation of the individual to God and to his or her family and loved ones, not a right to be demanded from society."

Funny Circus Bears said...

Religious wackadoos and their silly books of fairy tales. Go figure.