Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kneed In The...

So I met with my doctor to discuss the results of my knee MRI...

He said the cartilage is intact.

BUT, the MRI was inconclusive on my ACL. He declared that the metal screws in my leg from the first reconstruction obscured the images.

Okay. What does that mean? Will they now have to wield some tiny scope in there to assess the situation?

My orthopedist didn't answer, directly anyway.

Doc - Well, you see, having an ACL *redone* is quite an ordeal. First they have to pull out the replacement which has been screwed into the bones....and the screws may have calcified....


Doc - [Thumbing through my file] You're 35....so....you should probably just put a brace on it for physical activity?

Is he kidding me? He doesn't want to do anything?

Somehow I think that if I played for the Celtics or the Patriots....there'd be a SOMETHING THEY COULD DO.

Rationed healthcare, it's already here!

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