Monday, November 23, 2009

Rasheed, Overrated?

The unbeatable-on-paper Boston Celtics have lost 4 of their last 8 games - in pitiful fashion I might add.

The culprit, beyond the always responsible coach, is Rasheed Wallace.

Despite being a 7-footer, all the guy does is linger on the perimeter and jack up 3-point shots.


81 of his 128 shots this season have been three pointers.

And his FG% is a woeful 36% on 2-pointers and only 27% on 3-pointers.

Alright, obviously Rasheed may start taking fewer bombs, making more of his bombs, and spending more time under the hoop, where he belongs.

But I just want to throw out one hypothesis here:

Perhaps Rasheed Wallace has been long overrated?

After all, he's always been on very good teams, surrounded by decent talent.

Maybe he was never that good in the first place?

If some players can eventually prove themselves to be vastly underrated because they never had much help before, does it not follow that guys who've been blessed with talented teammates, that they might be chronically OVERRATED?

I think it does.

But I hope that's not the case with the gentleman Wallace. He's carrying a 3 year $18 million contract and a lot of fans' hope on his back.

(The Celts may be 10-4 but they are 27th in the league in rebounding. While we're at it, can someone tell Garnett to get back under the hoop as well?)

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