Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Some Needn't Dress Up!

Last week, I engaged two separate *moms*:

"What are YOU going to be for Halloween? I think you'd make a great witch!"

Turns out, neither of them appreciated that pointed advice.

Later on, I relayed these incidents to my wife who, in very much the manner of a witch, scolded me but good.

What did I do?

Apparently, both of the chicks have non-small noses?

So what, right?

Then I got it.

But still, that wasn't why I had made the specific suggestions. I couldn't even have told you how big their beaks were - I just don't notice *features* (facial ones anyway). I swear, I don't even know what color my wife's eyes are! I don't!

The two *moms* were thin, had dark hair, are generally harried, can definitely screech, and overall seemed to fit my witchly image.

Let's just say there was no way they were pulling off Snow White!

Look at the Prince, a jackbooted Jedi knight!

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