Monday, November 09, 2009

Greater Depression Footwear

Hey, if they can have *Coke bottle glasses*....then why the heck not?

Now, shouldn't someone tell them that they can return the empties for 10 cents and feed their entire village for a month?

The toe-liberators have calmed down a bit, but not until they stretched Shod Your Brood to a MM blog record 33 comments!

Perhaps they can enlighten us on 2-liter flip-flop orthopedics?

And to think that tremendous 80s flick was billed as fiction - as a parody!

Shoot, Taylor wasn't even born when that one came out.

And thanks to Shampoo, aka Paul Mitchell, for that provocative pic!


Taylor Conant said...


Still was blessed enough to get to watch it in high school.

CaptiousNut said...

DURING government school hours? In which *class*?

Or WHEN you were a teeny bopper?

Paul Mitchell said...

That dude in the coke bottles needs some Doc Martens. When/if this foot nudity fad continues, I think that I need to be the judge on whether or not someone can participate.