Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Newspapers Dead....But Dummies Still Need Direction

So my wife took our son to her office in Boston last week on a *slow* Veterans Day.

In town, she had THREE separate people hysterically run up and inform her that the Maclaren stroller she was pushing could be one of the million or so that was being *recalled*.

Heck it was the *most emailed* story from the Boston Globe that morning - Strollers Recalled For Fingertip Amputation Hazard.

Whatever. More alarming to us were the knee-jerk Morons who *jump* when thoroughly discredited, overly sensational, information sources tell them to.

My wife dialed it back, suggesting that they are just trying to be helpful.

But if they want at all to be helpful, to me or to society at large, they really ought to stop ingesting that mind poison.

Look at the scumbags who've bought the first *paid search result* from Google:

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