Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Chick In My Life

Here name is Shiva Rea and I discovered her today as a new arrival on Comcast's OnDemand *yoga*.

I'm no expert, but she seemed pretty good. A *beginner* 23 minute session with her this morning and I'm feeling it now. That is the test, I guess, of a good instructor. While you're doing the practice, it doesn't seem so hard but it bites you later on in the day.

Apparently she's pretty famous. Click the link above for some YouTube clips.

Yeah, I know, she sounds like a psychopath; and probably has the personality of a hemorrhoid.


Anonymous said...

Been a while since I did any Comcastic Yoga. May have to check it. She's not to shabby to look it. Though I didn't click the link to get a closer look. You and I may be the only heterosexual males to publicly admit to doing Yoga on demand.

Slow out.

CaptiousNut said...


I did not know you were doing yoga!

I was under the impression that none of youse guys were into it.

How long have you been doing the down dogs and whatnot?