Thursday, November 19, 2009

Infestation Update

Pest guy came today.

He looked at the foundation/crawl space and declared that there was no way to EVER permanently keep rodents from climbing up into the walls and rafters.


So what do we do?

He said he could set traps all over....and it would cost $375.

Set them where? Outside by the edge of the foundation?

I didn't like that option.

There's one spot in my bedroom, in the ceiling right above my PC that I was confident was *rodent central*.

So we decided that he could cut holes in the ceiling and slide traps up there.

The first spot he chose was disappointing, to me, when cut open. There was simply no space there for sizable animals - maybe 1/2-3/4 inch tunnel between plywood.

The second spot we cut open was deeper - a good 4 inches and right between the rafters that led down to the largest hole in my foundation/crawl space.

So he slid couple of large glue traps and a couple of small cages in there about two hours ago.


As I type this, I can hear critters struggling above me in those very traps!

His opinion, from the get-go, was that I probably had mice up there. Remember, both the other idiots insisted that I had *flying squirrels*. This guy was skeptical - especially of the one guy who said he found *flying squirrel* feces.

I just called the dude and told him we caught something. He was pretty surprised at how fast it happened. Earlier he insisted that mice, moles, and whatever were also nocturnal so nothing would happen until tonight.

Conceivably, I could un-duct tape the panels and empty the traps myself.

But I'm not too eager to get bit in the hands or face.

Should probably leave them up there all night in hopes of catching more.

Also, I paid the guy $375....and he's a professional so he can deal with it.


Anonymous said...

I found out where your trap went...It is with the same group who fudge the numbers on global warming to further their cause.

CaptiousNut said...

Link incomplete.

Try here.

Anonymous said...

You should've just put them out of their misery. Don't be a pussy. A mouse in a glue trap can't bite you, how can it? It's stuck and helpless...

"Leaving them on there" just invites more trouble, and is a slow torture for them and you anyway.