Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moronic Mania!

The other day, Marginalizing Morons received its 300,000th hit!

I do realize that most of them come from Taylor and my MIL....but still, I'm darn proud of myself.

My hit growth has been steady since last year when I started upping my monthly output. It'll be hard, but my one millionth hit is conceivable by the end of next year.

So let's set that as my ambitious goal.


Anonymous said...

congratulations c-nut, u got good stuff going on here.

usually u see some hesitation in blogs, but u r blog is an exception. U give it straight up.

I also like the "observation" theme in your blog, makes one think. I wish u would comment more on economics/trading/stocks-ideas etc. Which was the reason i first subscribed to your blog - but i got hooked by your thoughts/blog-posts (is there a word for this like tweets)

CaptiousNut said...

My thoughts on the market are....just buy as many long-dated puts as you can.

That's what I've been doing. SPG, WFC in particular.

BAC will be a 5 dollar stock soon as well.

This BS rally is 8 months long now. It killed me and I've moved on in some respects.

All of the banks will be floating equity, and floating equity...panic will eventually set in, yet again. Timing has been a real bitch though. We can't even get a downtick for crying out loud. It's obviously hard for me to watch everyday when it's so divorced from economic reality.