Monday, November 30, 2009

Nobody Really Likes Turkey

Or pumpkin pie, or pecan pie.

I've tried over and over to explain that to Mrs. C-Nut but she remains firmly entrenched in projective denial.

If human beings actually LIKED Thanksgiving'd be manifest in the free market.

How often do you see turkey or pumpkin pie on a restaurant menu?

Answer - NEVER.

Even the statistics on non-Thanksgiving turkey consumption are likely distorted.

Twice this (late) fall I've heard of people going to dinner at an 'old coot's' house and being served *turkey*.

You know what that was, don't you?

That was the frozen bird the 'old bag' bought last November, on sale for 29 cents a pound or something the week after the holiday.

They figured they had to get rid of it in the nick of time before Thanksgiving - and so they could load up on yet another cheap frozen carcass!

I myself refuse to eat turkey even on this ridiculous holiday for amateur, once-a-year *grates*.

And I advised both acquaintances that they should get even with their 'old bag' relatives.

Next year, invite THEM over for dinner the weekend right before Thanksgiving and serve THEM turkey.


Funny Circus Bears said...

Quite right. Prime rib roast. I never eat turkey save the occasional sandwich. They give the damn things away free with any purchase of deoderant and tampons for chrisakes.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. If you're going to roast anything roast a goose. At least the grain fed farm raised birds are swimming in fat so they're not dried out. Although I hear the fresh turkey is far better than the frozen species.