Monday, November 30, 2009

Foreclosure Confirmed!

This morning, as I was doing my calisthenics in the living room, I saw a car pull up in front of my house.

A rather large, unfeminine, shabbily dressed young lady got out and took a few quick pics of the front of our (rented) house. Then she jumped right back into her car.

I sent my wife out for a hello/interrogation - even though I had a pretty lucid inkling as to what it was all about.

The woman confirmed that she was hired by GMAC, and that this house was *under foreclosure*.

Unfortunately she couldn't offer any insight about *when* the house would go to auction, i.e. when we'd have to leave.

My understanding is that according to Massachusetts state law, we can stay for 60 days AFTER the house is sold at auction. So we may have a while yet, or not.

Either way, my wife and I have decided that tomorrow's rent will probably be the last we pay (minus the bill for pest control). Remember, our crumb landlord has $5,000 of our money still - or he HAD it and illegally co-mingled it with his other assets/losses.

Note that since GMAC is a bailed-out entity....I'm essentially living in government housing!

I wonder how my buddy Josh Weintraub is doing over there anyway?


Funny Circus Bears said...

Why oh why would you pay?

Anonymous said...

Who knows, you may get lucky and live there for years, rent free. No point in rushing it.

Anonymous said...

Rent due tomorrow? Hell no, don't pay. Tell him you ran into a problem, but will have the rent real soon...

No way will you get a deposit back from that guy.

CaptiousNut said...

Definitely going to pay tomorrow less the rodent control charge.

At the moment trying to figure out how best to *antagonize* the clown.

The guy has no idea that what he did, by not escrowing our last and security, is illegal - and it's subject to immediate return of SD, legal fees, and interest in triplicate.

So I am kind of waiting for him to threaten me with *eviction* or something before hitting him with that.

I also had another idea - that I should, after alerting him to the above crime, that I should just start paying $1500 in rent instead of $2500.

This way he'll remain totally dependent on my monthly check and afraid to kick me out for the possibility of another tenant. Obviously this way I would claw back some of the 5k he took of mine.

My realtor buddy in Florida told me that GMAC is not sending homes to auction - so it could be a while longer. Of course they aren't, they're basically an arm of the Feds at the moment.

My wife and I concur, this is the last month of full rent he'll receive from us.

Anonymous said...

Your rent belongs to GMAC/tax-payers.

CaptiousNut said...

You'll have to go back and read this whole story.

For one thing, the guy illegally comingled our 5k last and security with his personal funds.

I'll only stop paying for two months - only to get back money that is rightfully mine.

There's no way you'd have any sympathy for my landlord if you go back and read the whole story. HE is the one of the biggest thievin' scumbags around.