Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For My Squeamish MIL!

Tomorrow, it dies.

It's a relatively tiny suburban rat, nothing like what's found in NYC, Philadelphia, etc.

Hopefully I won't get bitten during the execution.

INFESTATION UPDATE - the squirrels are now in the wall RIGHT BEHIND OUR pillows!

See - Outwitted By A Rodent.


Anonymous said...

Where did the other cage go?

Anonymous said...

That trap is unquestionably too small to catch a squirrel. Furthermore, if you are catching rats, you should be wondering where the rats are coming from.

Now, go ask your wife where she keeps the kabob skewers and then use one of them to put that rat out of commission.

kevin m said...

if you are worried about a rat bite you could fill up a trash can w/ water weigh down the trap and then let it sink to the bottom come back in an hour

CaptiousNut said...

The other cage is still MIA. STILL!!!

So today I call three *pest control* crooks.

After talking to the first for a while, I made him check to see if he perchance had already come here. Oh, yeah he was one of the ones my landlord called!

Told him I was going to call someone else because of his obvious incompetence: setting traps on the roof instead of near the HUGE hole in my crawlspace and setting traps that are too small.

What a worthless idiot!

Think I'll skip the *kabob* execution...too many animals have already escaped from that POS trap.


That's precisely what I did. See the video hyperlinked to on my latest post.