Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Expressway To Cultural Irrelevance!

Story here - though there's no need read it.


Didn't Howard Stern just perform a similar maneuver - when he leapt from terrestrial radio to satellite?

And his audience is now down from 12 million to what, 1 million daily listeners?

One might interject, "Yeah, but Howard got paid..." alluding to his centi-million dollar contract from Sirius/XM.

But these celebrities don't care so much about money; more than anything, they and their plus-sized egos want to stay high atop the public consciousness.

But did Howard even really *get paid*? Much of his take was in stock if memory serves me.

I can only hope that Oprah makes a rapid switch to cable, and that she's fares just as well as Howard Stern!

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