Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Really Only A Sympton

I really do feel bad for these people who complain about and aspire to reform *government schools*:

MA Education Committee hears lurid testimony from mother of 11-year-old, and others. But legislators barely interested.
A Jamaica Plain mother (see video above) testified that her 11-year-old daughter had been given a homework assignment to draw an erect penis ejaculating. The mother described how this deeply affected the entire family. The only reaction from the committee was a question by House Chairman Martha Walz (D-Boston) who blandly asked the mother if she had been properly notified according to the current law. (The mother said: absolutely not.)

The Parkers made national news over his elementary school’s refusal to notify him or allow an opt-out when teaching his son in Kindergarten about homosexuality and transgenderism. The family filed a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit over the matter. But the federal judges said that Parker has no rights under current Massachusetts law over what their children are taught or even to be notified of it.

Hah! Let's reiterate that last line:


Obviously, this nonsense doesn't perturb me, a homeschooling parent, like it does others.

All you people out there with small children....as bad as the *schools* are now, you know they will only get worse; and you KNOW that *your suburban* school is only scarcely better. So why don't you start wrapping your minds around the idea of homeschooling now?

It's not that it's *too hard* to pull kids out of factory schools when they're older - although I see a BIG difference between those kids in our homeschooling co-op who *did some time* and those who were fortunate enough to never be so incarcerated. It's that - time is precious. You want to be with your kids in these formative years. Because once you've lost them, they're gone. Remember this excerpt I posted:

Not only are the seeds of peer orientation sown in day care and preschool, but the fruit is already in evidence by the fifth year of life. One of the largest studies ever done on this subject followed more than a thousand children from birth to kindergarten. The more time a child had spent in day care, the more likely she was to manifest aggression and disobedience, both at home and in kindergarten. As discussed in previous chapters, aggression and disobedience are the legacy of peer orientation. The more they had been in day care, the more these children exhibited counterwill as indicated by arguing, sneakiness, talking back to staff, and failure to take direction. Their elevated frustration was indicated by temper tantrums, fighting, hitting, cruelty to others, and the destruction of their own things. These children were also more desperate in their attachment behavior: given to boasting, bragging, incessant talking, and striving for attention, as we would expect when attachments are not working.

For more, see - Complete Book Review - Hold On To Your Kids.

And thanks to Paul Mitchell, aka "Shampoo", for alerting me to what's going on in my own State!

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