Friday, November 06, 2009

Homeschooling Tools Of The Trade

Can someone explain to me why a *rolling dry erase board*, like the one above, costs from $700-$1,000?

For crying out loud, computers cost less than that now!

It must be because the natural buyers, government-subsidized schools and large corporations, are not price sensitive, I guess.

I'm in search of a big one for my homeschooling lessons. It looks like my best bet will probably be some *liquidating* business on craigslist.

Right now, I do have a smallish one that I suspend in my kitchen. It really helps my son to be staring at definitions, words, equations, and whatnot while he's eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just playing there with his Knex.

In my ideal educational setting, I'd surround learners with pertinent information at all times. Forget the *sports section* - how about posting the trigonometric identities above the urinal?


DU said...

Best place to look is in a dumpster. I pulled out one exactly like your picture from the dumpster at the hospital.

The "government-subsidized" Pediatric hospital in Cincinnati is the biggest waster on the planet. One example is how they throw away everything with every remodeling and the fun never stops.

The most important health care reform we need is tort reform. Most of the waste is CYA


CaptiousNut said...

Nice score!

Dumpster diving, heh?

panner said...

Weird, I was just shopping for massive chalkboard to put in our basement. You can get them cheaper. Or go craigslist?