Monday, November 09, 2009

Statism & Capitals

I was telling a guy today, another homeschooling parent, how my son learned all the states and capitals himself over the web, in a matter of 5 weeks.

Laughing, he declared that he was *philosophically against* teaching kids the capitals:

HSDad - I mean why do kids have to learn where the STATE GOVERNMENT centers are?

Hah! He's dead right!

How the bleep did I miss that one?

Although, I submit it's still okay for kids to learn their capitals - so long as all the facts are presented:

PrinceC-Nut - Boston is the capital of Massachusetts...

CaptiousDad - Well, it's where a lot of the money stolen from us goes anyway...

It's been a long time, some 20+ years, since I saw that great movie - The Mosquito Coast...

But I've never forgotten that line about *state capitals*:

No need to worry about these kids' education, Mother.

This is the education they need.

This is the kind of education every American should have gotten.

When America's devastated and laid to waste by nuclear holocaust...

...these are the skills that are gonna save 'em.

Not finger painting or home economics, or what is the capital of Texas...

...but survival!

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