Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Wealth Gap?

With financial assets roaring....and unemployment soaring (10%-20% depending on the metric)....

How come we haven't seen any Big Media reports of the *rich getting richer* and the *poor getting poorer*???

I thought they cared about this stuff!

I mean, firming stocks and bonds do nothing for the average working stiff who lives paycheck-to-paycheck - unless one believes in *trickle down* economics or something. Is that the new creed amongst the Ministers of Information?

See what I wrote last year on this, including an NYT prediction on what Obama would do for *inequality*:

In Search Of New Agitprop


Anonymous said...

According to this site, 46.9% of tax units do not pay taxes. Here in NH, we hear the constant whine from commies(masshole imports) and old farts about how the state needs an income tax to make it a fairer system of taxation.
"Property taxes are pricing us out of our homes." They claim. What they are really saying is, "We love the income tax now that we aren't working..."



CaptiousNut said...

'Old Coots' have ruined this country.

They may have paid into Social Security....but they also elected, and re-elected, a bunch of clowns who wasted it all, AND THEN SOME.

An income tax in NH will send everyone to Florida, where they should be anyway. Too cold up there. And the squirrel meat is bland!