Thursday, November 05, 2009

Works Harder Than Larry Bird Did?

WEEI - Paul Pierce seems like he’s playing at a different level. What happened with him in the offseason?

Danny Ainge - He was like this two years ago and he was like this some last year. I think Paul got worn out carrying our team last year, especially after KG got hurt. Paul has been in this practice facility, I’ve looked at my window a few nights last week at 9 p.m. and he’s getting up shots. After our back-to-back games last week, he was in our gym at 10 getting up shots. He is focused. he’s in great conditions. He’s putting to shame anyone I’ve ever played with, including Larry, one of the great workers of all time.

Now I love Danny Ainge, and think he's an approximate genius in his field,....

But what he just said there is outright blasphemy! And I don't believe his *anecdotage* for a second. This ridiculous proclamation reminded me of another, in-house blasphemy. Not long ago, as I documented on this blog, Cedric Maxwell jack-a$$ly asserted that Dirk Nowitski was a better baller than Larry Legend!

This year, the Celtics added Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels. As a healthy team, they are unstoppable - and would probably sweep Kobe and the Fakers. Forget about Lebron.

The only problem is, if they lose one player, I think they are vulnerable. And since they are so old, I'd be surprised if no one got seriously hurt.

So there's my NBA prediction for the year - a healthy Celtics in four games over whomever.

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As a Celtics fans since 1981, I agree with your prognostication. Sheed will have a great season coming off the bench and hitting 3's. Nothing like a 7-footer hitting the long ball to break up a defense for Rondo, Pierce, KG, etc. Hope their knees don't go the way of your knee.