Saturday, November 22, 2008

Barry Ritholtz Called Me An Idiot

From The Big Picture's disclosures:
The second reason is that if your investment philosophy is dependent upon what you read in the media or even worse, on a blog, well then you definitely need to go back and rethink your investing philosophy. Pronto. Or, you may simply be an idiot (a high probability bet).

Point of Fact - just about all I do for trading/investing research is READ BLOGS - prominent among them is Barry's!

So Ritholtz calls me an *idiot* for reading his own blog!

This is sort of like the guy who'd never join a club that would have him as a member.

Barry, you'd be *wise* to read Marginalizing Morons - and take action upon my advice.


Anonymous said...

Hi C:

Barry didn't type "on my blog". He typed "on a blog". So many blogs suck. Your blog and Barry's blog are pretty good.

As when people I respect start to scrap with each other, I respond, "I like both of you".

So I like both of you . . .


CaptiousNut said...


I mostly read the *comments* from blogs. The push and pull of argument is what clarifies my thinking.

It is true, while I might have learned the basics elsewhere (books, in the trading pits,...), at this stage of my career I don't read the paper, watch CNBC, or do any fundamental research. I let others do it - and I glean the good stuff off the web.