Monday, November 24, 2008

Marginalizing The Fake Bosom

Quite frankly, I hate it. It looks bad. It's unpleasant to the touch - or so I've heard. I can't stand *them* - never could. I just can't imagine anyone - particularly from the sub-species they are supposed to impress - falling for this obvious con job.

I would posit that nine out of ten *enhancements* should never have been done. Yes, I acknowledge, it may be an *economical* dose of self-esteem when weighed against Big Medicine's cost of psycho-therapy. But still....

I know - this stance is thoroughly fascist. So go on ahead and boot me out of the libertarian society.

On this, I'm with the organic crowd!

[Note - *they* wouldn't help the damsel above one iota.]


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ on your "Note"!!!

Anonymous said...

Bigger AND perkier. Whats not to like?

They are not *fake*, they are all real. Some are just man made.

Slow out.