Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teachers Aiming High

There was recently a vapid editorial in the Boston Globe on how to *improve education* today. It was penned by a bubblehead crony of Greg Mankiw.

The crux - if we can be liberal with the term - of the article was that *improving teaching* would *improve education*.

Wow. What an insight!

The first comment I read was from teacher who didn't identify herself that way:

Finally, one cannot tie a teacher's abilities to their student's test scores. Every year your group of students changes and bring with them issues from the preceding year. Accountability cannot be measured in this way as it is not viewing the teacher, it is viewing the student. If you can move a student ahead even a little, that is success.

by headergirl November 07, 3:59 PM


If you can move a student ahead even a little, that is success?

I won't get sucked into arguing whether it's the teachers unions, the *parents*, television, classroom violence, or the infantile curriculum that's responsible for the abject failure of mass government education.

I reject the entire system, as y'all should as well.


Anonymous said...


I really need to introduce my brother to your site. His wife and him recently had a baby and instead of filling out the necessary forms to get the kid a social security number, he decided to reject the system. He will allow her to decide if she wants to partake in that pyramid scheme and get a number. My parents are beside themselves.

Funny Circus Bears said...

The US public education system has become a perverse joke.

CaptiousNut said...


No Social Security number....

Never heard of that one. My hunch would be that it could screw you on some stuff. Of course I'd have to research it.