Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Massachusetts - More Morons Than Your State!

What do you do with a state where 70% of the voters are in favor of their own un-Constitutional wage confiscation?


Smoke pot, worship our pets, worship Father Earth, and the Red Sox, go to school until your 35....that's quite a *culture* they've got up here.

Please, please just shower me with vapid promises and flyover-country bogeymen and I'll continue to cede 5.3% of my wages - on top of all the other taxes.

If civilization perchance progresses, future historians will surely look back and brand present-day Massachusetts the epitome of *mind slavery*.

Boy, was my prediction of 52% to 48% defeat waaaay off.

Never underestimate the Massachusetts Moron!


Anonymous said...

Thank god for these idiots. Living in NH and knowing that we will be getting a broadbase tax in the next 10 yrs because of the imports from Mass, could you imagine what would happen to NH if we had an income tax and Mass didn't. It would not be pretty.

Paul Mitchell said...

Do you want higher taxes, CHECK one?

Good lord, morons are the majority, for sure.