Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Elevating Deanna Shaw

I lost a wager with the young lady and am paying up.

She took me up on the bet (Rich Karlgaard did not)....and Obama won, just as she predicted. Comment thread here.

So here's her *singular post*. Am I done now?

Yes, if I had won, by rights there should have been a picture of my midriff atop her blog today.

You watch, she won't even have remembered our bet; she most likely won't even notice my payoff. Let's keep it quiet boys.

[Unless of course she has some vain Google Alert on her name. Full disclosure - I have three such alerts.]


Anonymous said...

She'e a hottie

Deanna Shaw said...

HAhahaaaa! LOVE IT.

CaptiousNut said...

But can she cook and weave?

Deanna Shaw said...

Hm, negative on both counts.. And if I did, I wouldn't admit to either.

Well, weaving maybe..sounds like a pasttime I might want to look into for the next 4 years.