Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Cambridge people (school teachers?) propagandizing above.

Let's talk some more about how 70% of Massachusetts Morons voted FOR the state income tax yesterday.

I am sure the Statehouse communists saw their margin of their victory and remarked,

"Crap, we should have tried to INCREASE the income tax given that level of enthusiasm!"

In fact, Massachusetts is one of only 8 states that doesn't have a progressive state income tax. How long do you think that will last?

A local young lady exclaimed to me today how, "...important that vote was for WORKING CLASS PEOPLE." In other words, she has swallowed the fearmongering propaganda about what an income tax repeal would do to jobs, services, and pensions.

Not that I think it did or could make any difference, I calmly explained to her my deal with my father, a state pensioner. I explained to her how I could more than cover my father's pension - if it were reduced - with my tax savings.

The fact is this woman typifies the econo-illiterate voting populace up here in the *most educated* state.

If every 300k wage earning household got back their state income taxes - if they got back an additional $16,000 per year of spending money, who would benefit?

How about waiters, hairdressers, landscapers, cab drivers, babysitters, personal trainers, *mom and pop* shop owners, mechanics, et al.???

So it follows that an existing state income tax weakens all of these WORKING CLASS professions, does it not?

Note that both this woman and her husband are on municipal payrolls. - as almost everyone or their spouse is in this state.

But still, 70%???

Are there this many Massholes on the government dole? This many Massidiots prone to fearmongering?

Here's an excerpt from Sheep to Slaughter - one of my better posts if I do say so myself - even if two years old:

I grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts which was, unbeknownst to me at the time, an economic wasteland. The only economy there is the oxymoronic Government Economy. Let me just give you a run down of my family members' professions:

social worker

The only people in my immediate family that worked in the private sector were two retired grandparents.

And both of them were enamored of Ronald Reagan.

Now to all you present-tense clowns who think Obama won in a landslide with his 52% of the popular vote.

Remember that Ronald Reagan won 58.8% of the popular vote in 1984.

And Richard Nixon won 60.7% of the peep's votes against George McGovern in the 1972 presidential election.

McGovern only won a single state - Massachusetts!

What do ya know? Even before I was born the Commiwealth was firmly established as the dumbest, most obtuse state.


Funny Circus Bears said...

You fail to understand the number of people for whom the state represents an income source, either directly or indirectly. Us tax payers are outnumbered by tax consumers.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am glad that they didn't eliminate the income tax. I am a vacation home owner on Cape Cod and pay extremely low taxes compared to where I am in VA. If the income tax repeal passes, where does the Gov't get tax revenue? why of course, from the home owner in the form of rising real estate taxes. taxes go up, the value of our home falls (even more) as buyers will now qualify for a lower mortgages due to the increase in monthly taxes they must pay. Thanks MORONS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder about the popular votes accumulated by recent Presidents. I had almost forgotten that impressive Nixon tally.
With just 52%, O, " where's the beef" ?(mandate)

Deanna Shaw said...

yea, 52% isn't a landslide. The big shockers for me were NC and Nevada but I think it was pretty close considering that Obama landed the new 18-30 crowd and they represent a whopping 1% of the gap.

CaptiousNut said...

coach g,

They can tax Harvard's endowment!

Read the link I included in the post.

As for *rising property taxes* they are already doing that. They are raising taxes everywhere no one is looking, e.g. by slashing lottery payouts, raising parking and transit fees, and of course the biggest tax is inflation from currency debasement. They'll get us one way or another so we have to fight back when we can - if for no reason other than to slow them down.

As for the effect on property values given an income tax repeal....

The argument can go either way.

Won't people have more income to pay their mortgage with? That would boost house prices at the margin.

And, if all else fails, the government may ultimately decide that the only solution is to DOWNSIZE.

It could happen, one day.