Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Googling For Morons

My son is turning four this month. He's getting a *Star Wars* themed birthday party. Look what I came across while googling:

Millenium Falcon Cake

For my husbands 26th birthday I decided to make him a cake as usual... this time I wanted to go for something fun. I got him the DVD release of the original Star Wars trilogy. He loves the Millenium Falcon, so I made a Millenium Falcon cake!

I made a thin cake on a cookie sheet for the base, then a large round pan (10 inch I believe) for the main body of the ship. I used an 8x8 square pan for the front portions of the ship and cut them to size. I didn't have any fancy icing colors, so instead of grey and black I used pale blue and chocolate with buttercream icing.

I had all the candles at the back for a "lightspeed" effect when lit. I was pleased with how it turned out... even though my decorator tube "blew up" while I was working. So, I just figured it was battle damaged.

My husband loved his Millenium Falcon cake.

So what do y'all think, who's the bigger loser, the wife for baking the cake or the husband for *loving* it???

Shouldn't a 26 year old guy be fantasizing about a *Saran wrap doorway greeting* for his birthday?

Note there are guys out there with Millenium Falcon fetishes.

I vote for the wife being the bigger loser. She not only baked and sculpted the cake, she proudly displayed her loserhood on the World Wide Web!


Anonymous said...

That's a tough question. True the girl put everything on the web=loser but...she does get points for the effort. Just imagine what she would do if the *husband* was into something saran wrap. So I put the husband as the *bigger* loser. The wife is down but the husband is too much of a tool to...uh, *harness* that desire so he's the loser. He doesn't know what he's got.

CaptiousNut said...

Imagine what she would do?

Like what? Answer the door in Saran Wrap with a Princess Leia hairdo???

Maybe as a couple they get warmed up by watching the Sexually Suggestive Star Wars Compilation on YouTube?

Thought I was kidding about Star Wars fetishism, didn't y'all?

Deanna Shaw said...

Aww. The fetish footage was removed. Too bad. *was hoping to get my fix-on*. hehe.

Seriously C-where do you find this stuff!?!