Monday, November 10, 2008

Here's Your Deflation

I came home Friday night, not too late, after a few *pops*. My wife looked at me and asked if I was drunk.

Trained to refuse all fascist blood-alcohol tests, I rebuffed her inquiry.


She wanted to know if she could buy a couple of bookcases from the bankrupt Linens N Things.

I said "no", for no reason other than the fact that she tried to *take advantage*.

Ultimately, they were purchased for $83.99 apiece and I have already spent 90 back-breaking minutes assembling the first one.

It looks like they were marked down from $119.99 or so.

We have all *apartment furniture* in our house. Between accelerating cheapness and my destructive kids we just can't bring ourselves to spend a fraction of what most everyone else spends on sofas, chairs, televisions, and bookshelves. Yeah, we have Crate & Barrel end-tables, but we bought them off Craigslist for $50 from a *super* on the Upper West Side. We also have a gorgeous dining room set, but that too was not purchased retail - it was procured from my grandmother. Quite frankly, I NEVER spend any time in the living room. When the kids go down, I am at my computer, in the kitchen, or in bed. Who are these shiftless folk with time to lounge anyway?

Not bad for $84, huh?

At that price they are essentially disposable to boot.

The deflation consumers are getting is on crap like furniture - it's on things they don't really need.

On the other hand, the stuff that's inflating is food, energy, and the cost of credit - all things Joe Blow has become dependent on.


Anonymous said...

Check that Linens & things prices again, you might be due an adjustment. They got into trouble for marking everything in the store up before marking it down for their going out of business "sale".

-Slow out

CaptiousNut said...

I'll have my wife look into that. It's her baby - even if my back is shot from screwing the bookcases together.

The back piece has about 30 screws that you have to hand-drive in. Yesterday, after assembling the entire second bookcase and sliding it over to its destination, I realized that I put the back piece on backwards.

I was too tired to even curse.