Monday, November 10, 2008

Some Of Them Probably Enjoyed It

So this Jersey City councilman peed on a crowd of concertgoers from a balcony - a bunch of already rank Deadheads or what?

These politicians have been defecating on us since the birth of the state, right?

Pee should be a welcome mitigation.

Plus, as we've all learned from Bear Grylls on Man Versus Wild, urine is actually extremely sterile. See video here.

I remember this friend of me and my roommate passed out in college on the floor of our dorm. My roomate asked, "Should I do it?". I will admit to only tacit encouragement. The next thing I knew, he was urinating on the bare chest of our passed out buddy.

If I ever stop laughing at the golden memory....please kill me already.

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