Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bigots In Cambridge, Massachusetts

Holiday season (Kwanzaa, etc.) is in full swing.

As such, my family schedule is pretty hectic. Yesterday my wife had two *cookie swaps*, one right after the other, and 20 miles apart to boot. At the later one, Mrs. C-Nut and her college friends also did a so-called yankee swap. That's where everyone buys a gift; they throw them in a pile; and randomly redistribute them.

One of her friends got a pack of Corporate Flashcards:

Have you ever wished you could speak like a suit? Corporate Flashcards will get you multisyllabizing like a results-driven tycoon in mere days. Study alone or with a team player, then embrace your golden handcuffs as you blamestorm your way up the ladder!

• The perfect present for anybody who’s unemployed or overemployed
• Packed with all the emptiest jargon
• 5 x 7 inches, 60 cards per package

This *swap*, I guess, is somewhat of a gag-gift event. Nonetheless the one girl who received the Corporate Flashcards was sullen. My wife inquired:

Mrs. C-Nut - Well, don't you know someone in the corporate world whom you can re-gift the Flashcards to?

The question was sarcastic....and the answer was negative.

This girl was typical Cambridge, Massachusetts - where she lives. She works in the Government Economy as a teacher. And has nary a friend in corporate America. [Dad pays for a lot of things.]

So, as for the question at the bottom of the graphic above:

Do you have a job or know someone who does?....

For this young lady, the answer was essentially NO!

And my wife just had to taunt her about her *lack of social diversity*.

Almost four years ago, when we were moving up from Charlotte to Boston, this same friend of my wife's introduced us to a friend of hers in Cambridge who was looking to rent his house out.

I did a walk-through. It was pretty nice. This single guy was also a public school teacher so I wondered how he could afford a $500,000 house.

Answer - his Daddy.

So I wanted to inquire how much rent he wanted for his sweet pad but he couldn't answer. In fact, his ladyfriend (Flashcard recipient) asked me not to broach the subject of money with him at all.

This guy, this Moron was apparently incapable of even throwing out a number. Well, then, what the heck was the point of looking at it? The retard probably had to ask his *Dad*.

Why was this clown even renting out the house?

Well, he was going to take two years off (from life, apparently), move up to Maine, and go to *kayak making* school. You know, where they handcarve the boats from wood.


Take this guy and the corporate world bigot saddled with the flashcards....multiply by tens of thousands and you'll have a pretty good idea what Cambridge, Massachusetts is like.

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