Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stubborner Than Thou

On Thanksgiving I was standing in front of a framed listing of the Ten Commandments. I quizzed my mother-in-law as to which one was "number six". Her answer was wrong; she thought it was the ban on adultery. She then proceeded to argue with me.

Make that....she proceeded to ARGUE WITH MOSES!!!

And y'all thought I was self-righteous!!!

For some reason she thought the *sex* ones were "Commandments 6 and 9". I'm not quite sure what to do with that particular mnemonic. Note she was wrong on Thou Shall Not Covet as well - it's number 10.

Bear in mind that number 5 says "thy".....not "her"!!!

UPDATE - My MIL responds:

I could have saved you the ignomy of your error , but was too busy in the kitchen (where else) to challenge your "facts" then, but, check out wikipedia
note the Roman Catholic and Luthern division of the commandments
where by 6 and 9 refer to adultery and coveting neighbors (spouse) wife

were you absent when they taught the 10 commandments in your Catholic schools ???
too bad you didn't help me with my posting comments technique, or i could have more publicly corrected you. best, mom (anon) MIL

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