Sunday, December 07, 2008

Trash - The Worst Chore

Even as a young child, I remember *taking out the trash* having stigmatic overtones.

But it's not until recently, as an ostensible adult, that I realized how terrible a chore it was.

Trash pours into my house like an endless stream. It seems like mail, toy boxes, and foodstuffs are the main culprits but I've yet to do a thorough analysis.

Furthermore, it seems as my family has gotten bigger and older, the volume of garbage has risen exponentially.

Plastics are a nuisance. I remember my father decapitating the empty gallon container of milk, EVERY SINGLE DAY, for years upon years. He did this so he could jam small bits of trash into the vacuum and stuff the garbage bags to the max.

When I did get saddled with *trash* as an adolescent, my parents made me open, pour ammonia into, and re-tie each bag. This was supposedly so animals (dogs) didn't rip open the bags. That was the 1980s, back when the leash law was just a suggestion.

Now, I have to sort my trash into about 10 categories and haul it to the dump (aka transfer station).

Admittedly, I just jam most recyclables into trash bags and lump them in with *household garbage*. But can y'all believe that I can't just throw the glass in a bin? I have to sort it into green, brown, and clear varieties!

This crap is out of control. I can't wait to dump this responsibility on Litte C-Nut.

[Yeah, that's Jessica Biel pictured above....saving the environment.}

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