Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Next Landing Spot?

Do any of y'all know anything about Yardley, Pennsylvania?

I can see the basics - that it's commutable to Manhattan and Philadelphia; that it's a suburb of Trenton; that homes are cheaper, nicer, and bigger than my neck of Massachusetts.

But I'd like to find out more. How many Morons are there? Is it too boring? Did anyone have a roommate from there? Any scuttlebutt would do.

Mrs. C-Nut asked me why the bleep I was researching Yardley last night on the computer, given the only 20% chance that we will have to move right now.

Well, my answer was this:

We wasted two full years in abominable Chestnut Hill (Mass) before finding the oasis of the South Shore...


Paul Mitchell said...

Having studied human behavior for a very long time, I can safely state, and back it up with mathematics, that Yardley, Pennsylvania has a moron population slightly less than 94% of the total population based on geography.

Remember, the rule of thumb is 94% of every area shall be morons. Given the location of Yardley, we can safely assume that the concentrated moron population of the immediate area would be to the Northeast, the Northwest, and the Southwest. An educated guess would be around 92% of the total population of Yardley fall in the moron category. In other words, it is an area that is well below the national average in moron density.

CaptiousNut said...

I think Morons are concentrated near colleges, hospitals, and large municipal offices.