Monday, December 01, 2008

December Market Carnage

A nice little *poop* to start the month.

While my short Treasury position - TBT, down 3 points - and my oil longs - OIH and DXO - are taking it on the *hedges* are working out wonderfully.

I was on the road back from New York all day today. What a delight it was to see that the SKF had gone up 40 points and the SDS up 15 points. I sold both of the positions I initiated late last week at about 4:45 pm today when I first sat down at my PC. Sometimes it pays to *not be at your computer* - otherwise I might have let them out too soon.

[For those of you Morons too lazy to click on the hyperlinks, both SDS and SKF are *ultrashort ETFs* - one on the financials the other on the S&P 500.]

So SDS I bought at 90.03 and sold at 103.75.

And SKF I bought at 148.98 and sold at 175.55.

After the close I also added to my short Treasury position. I bought more TBT at 45.40.

The lower it goes....the more I'll buy. The 30 year T-Bond is now yielding a paltry 3.23%.

Note that my favorite whipping boy Wells Fargo was down a whopping 5.5 points!


Funny Circus Bears said...

Meredith Whitney was on CNBC today telling Maria that WFC was her favorite "sell" recommendation.

CaptiousNut said...

I haven't put my full short back on WFC.

And I am not sure I will.

I feel safer playing the *basket*, i.e. SKF.