Friday, December 19, 2008

Sexing Up A Fringe Sport

I was taken aback by this bumper sticker I saw on the highway yesterday.

We were pretty much stopped in traffic, but when I got the chance, I pulled up next to the car, honked, and made a *gesture* to the tool driving.

[Note that if it was a Subaru Forrester....I would have refrained.]

Turns out, the bumper sticker is for SCUBA people.


Taylor Conant said...

You're so cultured you didn't even recognize the international divers flag, which can often be seen offshore in dive spots floating on the waves in a rubber inner tube buoy, which marks the location of a diver for safety purposes.


Anonymous said...

Ditto Taylor.

What, no complaints about the snow today? I am so disappointed.

Slow out.

CaptiousNut said...

Slow Rion,

I don't mind snow or cold or the winter....

I just don't like the LENGTH of the season.


Yeah, I must admit I'm morphing back into a complete parochial Masshole. The word is recidivism.

Taylor Conant said...


Funny, and here I thought "recidivism" was something only recently paroled ex-cons experienced.