Friday, December 12, 2008

Cold And Dumb....It's No Way To Live

After a 24+ hour rainstorm, there's over 2 feet of water in my slab basement. In fact, although it's elevated, my hot water tank got *taken out*. The pilot light (I think) was extinguished and I am having real trouble re-igniting it. And I can't very well call my jerk of a landlord.

West and north of Boston, this monsoon showed up as far more pernicious ICE.

My mother is sitting in her Worcester, MA house without power and heat - while my dad is boozing and golfing in Myrtle Beach this week!

Governor Deval Patrick is trying to get Federal disaster money.

That line for Federal bailouts handouts is getting pretty long these days...

The *most emailed* story on the Boston Globe's website is, as you can plainly see, storm photos sent in by readers.

These newspapers are essentially bankrupt because they've been too slow to incorporate and capitalize on the wealth of user-generated content in today's digital age. It's a shame too because never before has it been so cheap to produce content. They got stuck playing the old command-and-control game. Today they'll let Massholes send in storm pics and pictures of their pets in costumes....but they won't let Captious bloggers write guest columns; they filter blog comments; Etc.

And, of course, the Boston Globe's profound ideophobia is no help either!

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