Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Boston Globe Luddites

So, the other day, Barry Ritholz was self-stroking over the fact that the Boston Globe mentioned his site as an *influential finance/economics blog*.

And I Captiously offered up this comment:

Click to enlarge if necessary.

Well some potty-mouthed broad, who apparently lives in Texas, took offense to that factual statement of mine. See this comment thread.

Why would someone in Texas be defending the Boston Globe? Heck, why would anyone feel compelled to defend a newspaper or its readership?

Moving on.

Yesterday I got this email from my Luddite cousin:

C-Nut, I'm a little too analog here.
1. what is the address for the family blog
2. how do i get this pic
[URL given] as a jpeg so i can upload it to shutterfly


Now mind you, this has to be at least the fifth time he's asked me for our family blog's URL. Note that he also didn't know how to right click on an image, *save it to disk*, and then upload it to a website.

AND, mind y'all, this cousin of mine is not only a practicing doctor, he's also only 36 years old!

With such premature techno-illiteracy, he's what I refer to as a *young old guy*.

Anyone under the age of 40 (in 2008) should at least be able to handle the fundamentals of computing. You know, bookmarking links, knowing how to google for forgotten sites, etc. At the young age of 36, his incompetency borders on the mindboggling. I wouldn't be shocked if he still paid extra to keep his AOL email address like all the other 'old coots' and 'old bags'!

By the way, my cousin, is an avid Boston Globe reader.

Do I even have to describe the *much older* generation of Massholes and the extent of their techno-illiteracy? They can't even get the cable box and television in simultaneous "on" and "off" positions.

So when I allege that Boston Globe readers can't open a browser....I ain't talking out of my bum.

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Mark said...

WTF, picking on me? You had sent a link to a pic that I couldn't save as a jpeg. Attempted to google the original blog site but couldn't find it(now I have it bookmarked... a big step for my computer illiterate analog person).
Hey I read your blog out of interest and agree with you a surprising vast majority of the time. And I stay clear of commenting (except on your global warming nonsense)... don't want to go splashing in water full of sharks and end up like Sheryl.
Anyway back to reading Derrick Jackson's column until I can figure out how to turn on the TV and cable at the same time !?!?!