Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Bargains

Some Moron paid $1,200 apiece for a couple of these chairs two years ago.

I bought both of them last week from the Moron for $500 apiece!

They go nicely with my liquidation shelves.

You gotta love Craigslist...especially in a Depression.

Since my back had just went out and since my four year-old son fell asleep in the car....I had to ask the seller, an early 40s *Mom* to help me carry and load my new chairs. A thousand bucks cash ought to get me a helping hand, no?

I made some small talk. The woman had just moved within this very wealthy town (Weston, MA) and no longer had room for the chairs. From that, and the unshoveled driveway, I deduced that she was manless. She most likely just got divorced and downsized locally to keep her girls' social lives education unimpaired.

Carrying the chairs she proved quite healthy. So I asked if she *worked out*....

She smiled and turned beet red.

Haha! I was just spreading around the holiday cheer....that's what I do.

Though, regrettably, I should have turned on the charm before I unsuccessfully bid her $900.


Anonymous said...

Hi C:

You know the initial payment was $1,200 per chair? Why?


CaptiousNut said...

She listed her cost and the store she bought them at on her ad. And she also repeated the claim when I bid her $900. Also, I believe her. These new leather chairs all retail around $1,000. I've been doing plenty of *research* before this purchase.

Of course, I don't *know* her cost basis for a fact.

Stuff on Craigslist generally goes for 40-60% of retail.