Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blood Diamond

Leonardo Di Caprio must be a really good actor.

Because, he's such a phony alpha-male, his fake Rhodesian accent sucks, and not to mention he's personally a dingbat....yet his movies are invariably watchable.

The other night I stayed up too late and watched Blood Diamond. I wouldn't say it was a *great* movie by any stretch. But it wasn't bad either.

In all these years trading miners, I had no idea what a conflict diamond was.

Later on today I will be returning my wife's engagement ring to Blue Nile.


Funny Circus Bears said...

Given all of the circumstances surrounding the mining and business cartel of diamonds, as well as the fact that spotting a fake costing a tiny fraction of genuine requires a molecular scientist, I never have understood why anyone would buy one.

Anonymous said...

Blue Nile is the way to go for the ring. i did the same a few years back. Saved a ton of $. Its great to be able to choose based on numbers rather than a jewelers spiel and fancy lighting.

As far as conflict diamonds go. Whatrya gonna do?

Slow out

CaptiousNut said...

I read some *Diamond Buying Book* that had a hilarious anecdote.

There was some husband who took his wife to the jeweler; he let her pick out whatever the bleep she wanted. I reckon her choice was some multi-carat combo that cost $45,000. The husband sat their silently while she got all geeked up.

As she left the room, the husband ordered the ring and told the jeweler to use cubic zirconias. He said she would never know the difference.

Ram Wagh said...

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