Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who Wouldn't Appreciate A Good Suggestion?

So in writing my most recent post I was googling "plus-size" (I mistakenly thought the term was "plus-sized")....

And Google, friend of mine that it is, added its usual *search suggestions*:

Meticulous professional that I am, I was compelled to click on *plus size lingerie*.

Now if that lady above looks plus-size to you, you're either a native Ethiopian or a Moron.

To me it's absolutely astounding how out of touch the corporate elites are. From the news they deliver, the politics they advocate, and the labels they put on clothes.

They have their own bizarro reality; their own argot.

Here's some more fun with Google Search.

Do you think the above fellow is happy with his *suggestions*?

They say it's an urban myth, but does that really matter if so many people all over the world still equate Richard Gere with *gerbilling*?

[Sorry, WestCoastTom. This is a *family site*. I couldn't post a link to that Richard Gere spread.]


Anonymous said...

She might be plus sized up top-A, B, C, D, DD, ding ding ding.

Slow out

CaptiousNut said...

Who stole what joke? Slow?

I was at a clothing store today shopping for my first wife.

Having trouble deciding on a size, I asked some *young lady* there what size she wore. This question always leads to interesting responses.

And no, I wasn't at Victoria Secret, this time.

I knew a *handsome* man on the Philly Stock Exchange. He bragged that through the *what size?* ruse he actually got a clerk in the aforementioned store to model some products for him.