Friday, December 12, 2008

Nascent Morons

Do you think Alex Rodriquez is a dipsh*t for choosing to play for the Dominican Republic even though he's a born and raised American citizen???

Then what do you think of Clippers center Chris Kaman who opted to play for Germany in this past year's Olympics because his great-great grandparents were German?
"My dad is not so thrilled," Kaman said. "My mom has always supported me, she's great. My dad is kind of negative about it. He's like: 'You're not German, you're an American citizen.'"

These clowns remind me of when I was a kid. The whole class would be home-team Boston fans. BUT, there was always at least one whack-a-do who insisted on rooting for the Yankees, the Lakers, or the Cowboys for no reason (like parental roots) whatsoever.

These obtuse Morons were always destined for lifetime unpopularity, if not unhappiness.

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