Monday, March 09, 2009

An Aggressive Flattening

This morning I did something I seldom do.

I wiped out my big positions.

I sold my GE and I sold my SRS - at 7.80 and 98.57 respectively.

I've had a spectacular run this year and just want to hold on to the dough.

Also, the daytrading is too good to be saddled with positions.

The SRS, as much as I think it could go to 200.00, was making me nervous. Hopefully the market will rally and I can re-enter at better prices.

I really just wanted to dump SRS, but since I let that out, I couldn't justify holding the GE.

You watch, the SRS will close at 120.00 today. But that's okay. I had to do the prudent thing.

Note at the exact moment I dumped it, Atilla Demiray bought it!

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